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So You've Decide To Sell...Now What

So you've decided to sell your house... now what?

1. DeClutter - This is a good first step to selling and preparing to move. Get rid of stuff, organize and clean out closets, pantry and other spaces potential buyers are looking. 

2. Fresh Paint - Check your walls, do they need a fresh coat of paint. Paint is relatively inexpensive and will help your house show at it's best.

3. Clean - Clean, clean and clean. Carpets, floors, shelving, drawers, bathrooms, showers etc.

4. Kitchen - Clear your counter tops, leaving just a few items out. Find places for small appliances to store while your house is on the market. Kitchens sell homes! Make it shine!

5. Stage - As you are decluttering, cleaning and preparing to sell ask your REALTOR for some staging advice. To make rooms appear larger, remove some of the furniture. Make sure each room has a purpose. In other words, if you use your dining room as a kids play room, put the kids toys away. Move a table and chairs into this room to make it a dining room.

6. Curb Appeal - Remember the exterior and front of your home is the first impressions a prospective will have. Make it a good impression! Keep your lawn mowed, add mulch to flower beds, weed, clean gutters, power wash house, sidewalk, driveway, paint front door if needed, put out a "Welcome" sign with some flower pots by front door.

7. Repairs - Go ahead and fix that leaky faucet, toilet that runs, service HVAC etc. Be ready for the inspection report.

8. Baskets - Purchase some cheap baskets from Wal-mart or Dollar Store. Be prepared for a spur of the moment showing. When REALTOR calls you can run through the house, pick up clutter, toss into the basket and shove in the car. After showinRg you can bring it all back in quick and easy.

9. Pets - Pets are our babies. If you have inside animals, please lock them up or take them with you when your house is being shown. If you have an inside cat, keep the litter box cleaned out everyday. Clean the carpets thoroughly and wash dog beds frequently.

9.  REALTOR - Check your online listing and pictures. This is how the public shops prior to viewing. Signs are still important. Neighbors help sell your home. They will tell friends and family when they see a sign go up. Not to mention prospective buyers that just happen to be in the area.

10. Competition - Has your REALTOR shown you the listings you are competing with? Have you toured these homes? Take the time to make sure your home outshines the competition!

These all sound like simple tasks that Sellers should take the time to do, however our lives are busy. Your REALTOR is there to help you. Make sure she gives you honest opinion and advice regarding the above mentioned items.



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