Homes & Land For Sale in East Texas Jacque Johnston

Is your home ready for the For Sale sign?

You've decided to sell your house, but what will make it show ready? What will buyers notice? Here are some tips to make it ready for that sign and first showing!

1.  Pressure wash the exterior of your home, driveway, sidewalk, patios, decks and fences if necessary.

2. Clean out your gutters! Replace any dented or broken gutters & downspouts.

3. Clean up the yard! Mow, edge, weed, trim bushes, add mulch and some annuals for color.

4. Freshen up your front entry! Does the door need to be painted? Or possibly just scrubbed down?

5. Replace outdated porch light fixtures with more up to date ones- remember to replace burnt out bulbs.

6.  Replace (or paint) your house numbers! You want buyers to see the address!

7.  Add a new WELCOME mat at the front door. Place an inviting plant, flower pots or wreath by the entry.

8. Declutter & Depersonalize -  Buyers can't always see past your stuff. Rent a storage building and box up your things. 

9.  Organize your closets!!! Buyers will look in the closets and pantry!

10.  Make all obvious repairs such as dripping faucets.

11. Remove and rearrange furniture to make rooms appear larger and roomy.

12.  Clean, Clean, Clean (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Floors, Baseboards, Mirrors, Windows, Light Fixtures, Blinds)

13. Wash & freshen up bedding. Buy some throw pillows for the beds.

14. Neutralize the air with a neutralizing air spray. A candle or scentsy are good additions to have on when home is being shown.

These are just a few ideas to help you get your home ready. I am always available for my sellers to give them ideas to help their home show at its best!




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