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Buying a house? Try to leave your emotions at home!

When buying a new home, whether it's your first or not, it is an exciting time in your life. When touring potential homes, try to set your emotions aside. This is easier said than done as you may fall in love with the perfect 3/2 cottage with a fenced yard in the perfect location. View this purchase as an investment in your future. Below are 2 key areas to look at before making an offer.

1.  ROOF - A new roof can be costly. Look for signs of water leaks in the ceiling.

2. FOUNDATION - Cracked foundations can be a huge issue and very expensive to rectify.

Upon executing a contract you should always have a professional inspection done during your option period of the contract. The inspector can point out any major issues with the house as well as minor things may need to be addressed. Any major issues such as roof, foundation, plumbing etc may need to be look at further by a professional contractor. Upon further inspection and a report, you should have the knowledge and information to make an educated decision to move forward, renegotiate your offer or if necessary terminate the contract. The option period is also a time to get bids on repairs if you choose to move forward! Your REALTOR can be of great service to you during this time.

Buying a new home can be so much fun but leaving your emotions at home can help you make better decisions when purchasing your dream home!




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