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Sellers - Less Is More!

1. Less is more when it comes to decorating your home. Keep it simple accentuating your home's best features to create an inviting setting for prospective buyer's.

2. Declutter! Clean out and organize closets, pantry and other storage areas. By organizing and sorting your possessions, you're ensuring that your home will appeal to buyers. Prospective buyers are looking at storage and closet space! Clutter is a distraction and turnoff to many buyers.

3. Depersonalize! Remove family photos and other personal items. Why? You want to help potential buyer better envision themselves and their belongings in the house.

4. Clean! Keep your home clean and tidy always! This takes great effort! Buyers definitely want to see the home at their convenience so as Sellers you need to be prepared.

4. Warm up the walls! A fresh coat of paint will always help freshen up your home. You may need to tone down some of your own personal style and creativity. In other words, not all buyers can see beyond bright colored walls. Warm neutral colors can help buyers visualize themselves in the house better.

5. Make it cozy and inviting!  Use throw pillow to accent sofas, chairs and bedding. Display plush towels in the bathrooms. Burn scented candles or a scented simmer pot. Accentuate features such as a fireplace.

6. Curb appeal! To get potential buyers inside your home, the outside must be welcoming as well. Keep the grass mowed, shrubs trimmed, weeds pulled and leaves raked. Overall, you want them to come inside!

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